Bypass damper (BPK 224)

  • Tube body made of sendzimir galvanised sheet steel
  • Laser-welded without intruding fold
  • The push-fit ends are press-calibrated according to DIN EN 12237, they are dimensionally stable and fit accurately
  • Adjustable damper blade for directing the airflow
  • Fulfils the function of two successively switched standard dampers

For redirection of air. Replaces two standard shut-off dampers.

Robustness: In general the lip sealing is insensitive to damages in case of slightly canted or badly trimmed ducts.

Exchange: If the lip sealing is damaged or lost due to an unforeseen event, it is only necessary to put on a new loose sealing ring.

Removal: Because of the design of the sealing, the components can easily be separated from each other again.

Visible installation: Because no additional sealing components, e.g. tape, are required, the sealing design with lip sealing system is especially suitable for visible installation and ensures a contemporary, appealing architectural design.

Hygiene: The smooth surface of the laser-welded housing prevents the accumulation of dirt and dust particles.

Stability: Non-ageing lip sealing made of EPDM - a material which is resistant to slightly aggressive vapours and chemical products.

Adjustment: The standard bypass dampers are equipped with a manual adjustment device which locks automatically

Temperature range: The bypass dampers can be operated in temperature ranges between -15°C to +100 °C .

Sealing system: The push-fit ends are airtight according to DIN EN 12237 Class D.

The shaft feed-through of the shut-off disc is located in a maintenance-free and airtight screw connection.

Version 1: Bypass damper with manual adjustment BPKH
Version 2: Bypass damper with console for motor adjustment BPKM

Ref. No.: 224

Bbypass damper type: BPKH, (BPKM) - Manufacturer: Aerotechnik E. Siegwart.
Housing made from galvanized steel – laser-welded, without overlapping, conduction of the airflow through adjustable damper blade, stop disc with age-resistant silicone gasket, closing function to one side according to DIN EN 1751 class 3, push-fit ends with lip sealing made from EPDM, shaft feedthrough of the stop disc is located maintenance-free and airtight, push-fit ends with lip sealing airtight according to DIN EN 12237 class D, leakage of housing according to DIN EN 1751 class C, manual adjustment of the damper.