Smoke protection damper (RSK)

  • Prevention of smoke entering ventilation ducts
  • Approved by building inspection by DiBT Approval N. Z-78.4-192
  • Equipped with spring return actuator

Smoke protection dampers manufactured by Aerotechnik E. Siegwart GmbH are shut-off devices against smoke in ventilation ducts and are used to prevent smoke entering ventilation systems.

Smoke protection dampers protect against smoke suction by means of exhaust air openings in the building facade, against spreading of smoke in buildings via air circulation ducts and against smoke transition in joint exhaust air or conduction ducts.

Smoke protection dampers are used in ventilation centres, or in ventilation ducts made of non-flammable materials.

The installation position of the smoke protection dampers depends on the direction of the air flow.

Smoke protection dampers close automatically via the spring return actuators and may only be used in conjunction with smoke detector devices, which are approved by a building authority.

Smoke detector devices are not included in the scope of delivery of the smoke protection dampers!

Smoke protection dampers are not fire resistant and are not suitable for use as fire dampers.


  • Frame and blades from profiled galvanised sheet steel
  • Flange C38
  • Bearing axles and external linkage made of galvanised steel
  • Stop angle at the top and bottom made of galvanised sheet steel
  • Sealing plates, right and left, made of stainless steel
  • Bearing bushes made of brass
  • Blades couples in opposite direction, blade depth 165 mm
  • Arrangement of return spring actuator depends on height of damper
  • Longitudinal blade seals made of aluminium

Dimensions: Width A = 300 - 2000 mm (available in all intermediate sizes, in steps of 1 mm)
Height B = 345 - 1995 mm (345, 510, 675, ..., 1995 mm, step width 165 mm)

Smoke protection damper RSK Ref. No. 291

Smoke protection damper, make Aerotechnik E. Siegwart GmbH, Ref. No. 291, for the prevention of smoke entering ventilation ducts, approved by building inspection by DiBT Approval N. Z-78.4-192. Frame made of galvanised sheet steel, frame depth 175 mm. Brackets made of galvanised sheet steel. Side sealing with sealing plates. Blades from torsion-proof hollow profiles from galvanised steel, blade coupling system via outside linkage. Blade bearing in brass bushings. Actuation via spring return actuator, make Belimo, with 230 V or 24 V and two integrated limit switches.

Dimensions: Width (a) = mm
Height (b) = mm