About Us

Our aspiration is fresh, pure air. Even though our products are often "invisible" - hidden in suspended ceilings, behind claddings or in locked engineering rooms - you will still find out their quality and positive characteristics very quickly: in one breath! We breathe in and out well over 10,000 times a day and generally only notice the medium of air when it is no longer clean, but stale and polluted. In air conditioning systems, our products ensure that rooms and buildings are perfectly ventilated twenty-four-seven.

A deep breath of the clean and fresh air which flows through the body into the lungs and assures well-being: This pleasant experience of air is what we expect from our quality products. This is what our company stands for, and this is what all those who work there every day in different functions do to make sure that our products impact the air in a positive way.

We also offer an extensive range of approved products. Our standard products and individually manufactured products are an essential part of modern air conditioning systems.

In addition to our versatile multi-leaf damper program, our product portfolio includes duct systems with the appropriate high-quality fittings, as well as the well proven throttle valves and shut-off dampers, weather louvres and silencers. Furthermore, our mechanical and electronic volume flow controllers are a key contributor to a good room climate through precise metering of the air volume.

Prices in line with the market, short lead times, reliability and the capability to create specific outcome-oriented solutions make us an authentic partner. Because our aim is to provide perfect solutions of the highest quality.