Today, ventilation and air conditioning technology is an essential part of all kinds of building projects. Environmental protection, requirements of manufacturing processes, hygienic demands on workrooms and conference rooms as well as the pursuit of ever higher modern living convenience will open up many fields of application for ventilation systems in the future.

We offer a comprehensive range of tried and tested air and climate technology products. Our standard products and our individually manufactured products are an essential part of modern air and climate systems.

In addition to the versatile range of multi-leaf dampers, air duct systems (flexible and inflexible ducts) including the corresponding fittings, our volume flow controllers are also extremely popular. Our volume flow controllers are being used in hundreds of thousands of applications, and we constantly develop them even further. Our shut-off dampers and throttle valves, weather resistant louvers, duct attenuators and insulation ducts complete our range.

Based on many years of experience, our comprehensive knowledge of the market and the maxim “Committed to Progress”, we have developed a product range in the sector of ventilation and air conditioning systems which fulfils our claim “Future technology – realised today". Today, the quality of Aerotechnik Siegwart products in the field of ventilation and air conditioning systems speaks for itself.

However, technical quality standard alone is not a guarantor for a company’s success. We know the problems that can occur in the assembly or operation and service of system components. Quality products must be developed through practical experience in order to prove their worth in practice. We offer a well-balanced product range. Considerable investments allowed us to cope with technical and market-oriented problems in future, too.

Market-driven prices, the ability to supply, adherence to delivery dates and the skill to offer specific solutions to our customers makes Aerotechnik Siegwart your reliable partner for ventilation and air conditioning technology.