Throttle valves (DK 228)

  • Housing made of sendzimir galvanised sheet steel or stainless steel
  • Laser-welded without intruding fold
  • The male couplings are press-calibrated according to DIN 24147 part 1 and consequently they are dimensionally stable and fit accurately
  • Optionally available with electronic/pneumatic adjustment

For adjusting flow rates.

The housing is made from galvanized or stainless steel. It is laser-welded without any intruding fold. The male couplings are press-calibrated according to DIN 24147 part 1 and consequently they are dimensionally stable and fit accurately. The shaft feedthrough of the bearing is located in a maintenance-free and airtight screwing.

Thestandardthrottlevalvesareequippedwithmanualadjustmentdevicewhichlocks automatically (there are no tools necessary for adjustment and regulation). They can be used for electric remote regulation, too.

On request, the throttle valve is available with insulation in depths of 25 or 50 mm.

According to DIN 1946 class 4, there must exist an accessibility to the duct system and the damper in order to actuate and maintain the latter.

Range of temperature:
The throttle valves operate within a temperature range from -15°C to +100°C.

Sealing system of the male coupling:
The push-fit ends with lip sealing are airtight according to DIN EN 12237 class D.

In general the lip sealing is insensitive to damages in case of slightly canted or badly trimmed ducts.

If the lip sealing should be damaged or lost, it is only necessary to put on a new loose sealing ring.

Because of the conception of the sealing, the components can easiliy be separated from each other again.

Visible installation:
Because no additional sealing components (tape e.g.) are required, the sealing conception with lip sealing system is especially suitable for visible installation. Attractive, architectural design which is up-to-date.

The smooth surface of the laser-welded housing prevents the accumulating of dirt and dust particles.

Non-ageing lip sealing made of EPDM - a material which is resistant to slightly aggressive vapours and chemical products.


Version 1: Throttle valve with manual adjustment device DKH
Version 2: Throttle valve with console for motor adjustment DKM
Version in stainless steel - INOX 316

Ref. No.: 228 with flat connection
Ref. No.: 9228 with lip sealing

Manufacturer: AEROTECHNIK E. Siegwart
Type: DKH, no. 228-1

Circular throttle valve for regulatingthe volume flow in the air duct, in a compact form with the housing andthe blade made from galvanized steel, housing laser-welded without overlapping; shaft feedthrough ofthe throttle disc located maintenance-free and airtight, airtightness of the push-fit ends with lip sealing according to DINEN 12237 class D.
Manual adjustment.

Range of temperature: -15°C to+100°C
Valid for air velocity up to12 m/s
Nominal diameters: 80 –630mm


  • Push-fit ends with lip sealing made from EPDM (DK, no. 9228)
  • With mounted bracket for electronic or pneumatic actuator (DKM, no. 228-2)
  • Blade with perforated plate
  • Stainless steel INOX 316