Flat ducts (RG)

longitudinally welded

  • Made of sendzimir galvanised steel or stainless steel V4A (1.4571)
  • Longitudinally welded
  • Airtight according to DIN EN 12237 Class D

Range of application:
Flat ducts for use in ventilation systems in which spiral ducts cannot be used for optical or functional reasons (e.g.: visible installation, smooth surfaces required, etc.)

Material and production:
The ducts are made from sendzimir galvanised sheet steel or stainless steel V4A with a thickness of 0.7 mm (0.9 mm from ø 400 mm) laser butt welded in length up to 1.000 mm.

Lip sealing

  • Fittings can easily be inserted into the duct
  • Airtight according to DIN EN 12237 Class D
  • Low installation costs
  • Available for all products

Tubes, fittings and circular regulation units (AK / DK / VRK / VRM) with board

  • Until DN 315, edge 6 mm, above this, edge height of 10 mm
  • Quick disassembly by removing components sidewards
  • Attention: For tubes and fittings, the tube length or the length of the male coupling of the fittings is reduced by 6 mm or 10 mm for each rim.

Flat ducts RG Ref. No.: 101