Volume Flow Controller

Aerotechnik E. Siegwart is your expert for high-quality volume flow controllers. Our products represent quality and reliability, optimally fulfilling your ventilation technology requirements. Volume flow controllers are essential components in ventilation systems. They enable precise control and regulation of the airflow rate, which is essential for an optimal indoor climate and energy efficiency.

Volume flow controllers from Aerotechnik E. Siegwart create an ideal indoor climate for well-being. Quality and experience “Made in Germany” that you can see and feel.

Our volume flow controllers are available in a variety of designs. Whether round or rectangular, mechanically self-regulating or electronically/pneumatically controlled - we offer precise technology for every need. Additionally, our devices are available in materials like galvanized steel or stainless steel and can be painted upon request. For special application areas, we also have ATEX-certified models available.

The round models with the patented double-lip sealing system Lipstar at the push-fit ends ensure not only easy installation but also air tightness according to the highest class D according to EN 1751 and almost no leakages in the system for even better energy efficiency.

Discover our diverse range of volume flow controllers, customized precisely to your individual requirements.

Volume Flow Controllers

Constant volume flow controllers are crucial for maintaining a consistent airflow rate in ventilation and air conditioning systems. They ensure a steady amount of air, unaffected by pressure fluctuations, contributing to a stable and comfortable indoor climate.

Variable Volume Flow Controllers

To optimize energy efficiency and indoor climate, variable volume flow controllers offer the ability to dynamically adjust the airflow rate as needed. This technology is particularly effective in environments where flexibility and adaptability to changing conditions are required.

Optimization of Air Flow

The measuring instruments from Aerotechnik E. Siegwart – including a measuring nozzle, measuring stick, and measuring box – play a crucial role in the precise adjustment and monitoring of volume flow controllers in ventilation systems. With their high accuracy and easy application, they are specifically designed for a variety of measurement requirements. These tools are essential for professionals who value efficient monitoring and optimal maintenance of their volume flow controllers in ventilation systems.

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Advantages of Volume Flow Controllers

Volume flow controllers are pivotal in modern ventilation and air conditioning systems. Not only are they responsible for the precise management of the airflow rate, but they also bring a multitude of benefits that positively affect both operating costs and user well-being:

Energy Efficiency: By accurately setting the air volume flow, volume flow controllers reduce energy consumption and help lower costs.

Comfort Enhancement: A constant and customized air supply ensures a pleasant indoor climate and increases comfort for all attendants.

Durability: Volume flow controllers from Aerotechnik Siegwart are known for their robustness and longevity, which saves maintenance costs in the long run.

Flexibility: With variable models, the air flow can be flexibly adjusted, making them ideal for rooms with changing usage.

These benefits make volume flow controllers an essential part of any ventilation and air conditioning system and a smart investment for buildings of any type and size. Discover our range and find the perfect volume flow controller for your needs.

Contact Us for Customized Air Volume Solutions

Do you have specific questions about our volume flow controllers or need advice to find the optimal solution for your system? Our team at Aerotechnik E. Siegwart is at your disposal with comprehensive expertise and years of experience. We support you not only in selecting the right volume flow controller but also offer personalized consultation and adaptation to your specific needs. Whether it is about installation, commissioning, or maintenance questions – we are here for you. Contact us to learn more about our products and services or to receive a custom quote.