Pressure relief flap (ÜDK)

  • Stable version for connection to duct system
  • Cracking pressure between 200 and 400 PA
  • With integrated protective grille
  • Airtight according to DIN EN 1751 Class 4


Pressure relief flap ÜDK Ref. No.: 270

Pressure relief flap - Make: AEROTECHNIK E. Siegwart, airtight according to DIN 1946

Solid, maintenance-free construction for connection with duct system. Housing made of galvanised sheet steel with frame for flange profile C30 on both sides, including protective grill. Damper blade on flap insulated with Armaflex, lip sealing on damper blade, galvanised steel shaft, cracking pressure factory-preset between 200 Pa and 400 Pa.